Monochrome Madness – week 31

It’s good to be back playing along with MM again this week.  I missed a couple and I missed our challenge lots!!

My image this week is one I shared a couple of posts ago, in colour… here’s the monochrome version… a different feel, I think. In front of Me_monochrome Another of my challenges this week has been cleaning up files on my laptop… I filled it completely up!! Lol… oh dear…

Be sure to pop on over to Leanne’s to see all the entries for this week’s challenge and as always many thanks to Leanne for her generous self and hard work and to Laura for cheering  us all on!


Post for Brendan – Dear

Hello Brendan.. and everyone :)

You’ve been in my thoughts this week Brendan and while I’ve been pondering what to post for you this week, this dear little face and a verse came to mind… and stayed there. (I took this image way back in 2012).

Loved 2

This dear little puppy face and those little eyes show unconditional love.

dear:  (noun)  someone who is loved

… I have loved you with an everlasting love.. Jeremiah 31:3

Wishing you some wonderfully surprising moments this week :)

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… because.. you can never have too many bubbles ;)

BubblyClick in for a closer view…

I wonder, can you find the smiley face? (hint: look down) :D  I love surprises like these.. and dewdrops.. and bubbles… and jewels etc.


Age before beauty?

Today I noticed this gorgeous daffodil… sitting with the light behind it, showing all of it’s wonderful detail.


I picked this daffodil about a week and a half ago… and it’s only with age and light, that I noticed the ‘real’ detail.

I wasn’t intending for this image to be black and white.. but it tells the story much better than colour :) It shows the true delicacy and transparency of this beautiful flower…

…and then I started ‘philosophising’.. about age and beauty etc.. ;)

“It`s not how old you are, it`s how you are old.”
Jules Renard

PS I know I’ve been missing… a little… the sun is shining and it’s Springtime and I’m outside every opportunity I have :)  The weather is gorgeous presently and there’s colour, glorious colour!!!

The daffodils are bright yellow and the plum blossoms are pink and white… The grass is ‘sweet’ green, the sky is blue and the sunsets are glorious!  It’s amazing!


Post for Brendan – Mighty

Hello again Brendan :) …and everyone!

This week I saw the most fantastic sunset!!  I only had my mobile phone, but simply had to share this wonderful view… a really beautiful sight to end that particular day. The sky looked so powerful and the colours were so perfectly rich and vibrant.


“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”
Jo Walton

Wishing you the best week ahead this coming week :)

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Post for Brendan – Newbie

Morning Brendan… and everyone! :)

I saw this new, dear little calf and his Mum this week and I thought of you… I love the funny, curious little look he was giving… and his little ‘milk mouth’… and his tail… hilarious! These little guys don’t often stand still long enough to be photographed.  Snap!!


Hope he makes you smile :) Have a fantastic week!

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