Proteas.. thanks.. and getting ready for the One Four challenge

I thought I’d do one more post – in colour – on the wonderful bunch of native flowers.  It’s been wonderful to study them up closely and now their living days have come to an end…


Australian native flowers can still be pretty wonderful as dried flowers too – but this bunch has become quite dusty, so I’ll say good bye.

I want to say a big thanks to Julie and her Horticulture teacher, who together kindly helped me to work out my mystery flower.  Thanks Julie..and thanks to your teacher!! :)

Turns out the mystery flower is a Protea…. Edit: Ooops, got it wrong – It is a Leucodendron in the Proteaceae family!  That’s right. Thanks Jules!!! ;)  I wouldn’t have guessed that, but here it is – a true view of the flower in question, with no artistic alterations.


I’d guess that most of the large flowers in the bunch were in fact Proteas…. nope that may not be right either…lol.. The assorted greenery, little flowers and pods were very interesting too.

Onto the One Four Challenge:

I’ll be posting the very first challenge post next Monday (3rd)  – for our first week in November.

I hope you’re having some fun sorting out which image you’ll be working on for this coming month – if you’re joining us.  I think I’m close to working it out.

For all info relating to the challenge – you can read the post here.  All are welcome to join us –  I think it should be fun and hopefully we’ll learn along the way too.

Have a fantastic weekend – whatever you’re doing – and a Happy Halloween to those who celebrate!!


Monochrome Madness – Wk 35

It’s week 35 of Monochrome Madness and I’ve had an enjoyably monochrome kind of week :)

This is my entry for this week’s challenge.  Another flower from the lovely bunch of Australian native flowers.  I think it’s possibly a Protea… but am unsure.. and the leaves are so interesting!


This flower is the most stunning coppery bronze colour in real life.

Pop on over to Leanne’s blog to view all the entries for this week.  It’s always inspiring!!  As always, many many thanks to Leanne and Laura!!  Leanne for her hard work and to Laura, for always cheering us on.


Introducing the ‘One Four Challenge’

Ideas have been swirling around for a while now, with regards to another ;) challenge… the idea finally seemed to gel when posting this flower image a few posts back.

Stitched_Soft Brown_ Robyn Gosby_2014My idea is to take 1 image (our own) and process it 4 different wayssharing it over 4 weeks ( on our own blogs) – one image per week.  This sounds like a challenge and hopefully some fun too!

I’m starting this challenge on the first Monday of November ’14 (Australian time) and you are very welcome to join me!!! :)

This is how it will work, if you are interested ( I may update this post as needed for clarity).

I will post on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Mondays of the month and then you have until the following Sunday to share your image on your blog, for that week. Link up to my blog with the corresponding post ( eg. Week 1, 2, 3 or 4 ) and tag your post with one four challenge.

Choose any 1 image that you are happy to spend some time on.  This can be as hard or as easy as you’d like – the process is up to you.

This image will be shared on our own blogs over 4 weeks – with each week showing different processing of our own liking and choice  –  there is no particular order to this – show them as you please.

If you only want to join in for two weeks – that’s fine.. Play along. Do what you can, join in when you can – with the idea being at least 2 weeks or more to compare the results.

Here’s an example of one month:

One Four Challenge – Nov Week 1

Stitched_colourInclude link  and whatever you’d like to write about your image.




One Four Challenge – Nov Week 2

Stitched_PurpleFor this week’s image, I lifted the Magenta saturation and this was the result.




One Four Challenge – Nov Week 3

Stitched_BWMono… blah blah blah





One Four Challenge – Nov Week 4

Stitched_Soft Brown_ Robyn Gosby_2014Include week four’s image and  I think it would be fun to include a gallery of the month’s four images too.



It’s also been suggested that we could include a poll if we’d like to, on our week 4 posts..


If there are 5 Mondays in a month – we’ll still only post on 4.

These are my thoughts and my challenge – to myself and to you, if you’d like to play along.

Ready. Set. Go!!!


Post for Brendan – Settled In

Hi Brendan..and hello everyone!

This week I revisited an old tractor… it’s a favourite of mine.  It’s a lovely old tractor – is there such a thing? I think so…  Can you see it’s face?

Settled In

I had a bit of fun processing this one and I stopped when I was happy. I think it looks very ‘settled in’ to it’s spot – camouflaged.

Have the best week Brendan… and everyone!!!  Seems I have plenty to say this week, so I’ll be back again tomorrow and maybe even the next day? ;)

You can read the original post on ‘Posting for Brendan’ here.


Time for change – a new name

Happy Monday from Australia!

It’s time for a name change for this blog.  Things change and grow – so do we and the things we are doing, especially in the creative world. We are always moving forward.

I will Survive_sml

When I started this blog 4 years ago, I named it ‘Fine Arts Journal‘ because it was exactly that – a visual online diary for my artworks and photography.

Today I have a different feel for what I am doing, so I want my blog name to reflect my curiosities and experiments.. to share the beauty I find in crazy places, the detailed view of things and a touch of humor here and there.

While this definitely remains an arts journal (my place to share my photography, designs and artworks) and will be as long as I write here – it’s not only that.  For me it’s about the little things, the everyday things, the magic and beauty beneath our feet or above our heads – the things we would be amazed by, if we only knew they were there.

Looking through the lens allows me to see those things – to be amazed at the little worlds within a flower, a dewdrop or a rusty old car –  It captivates me and fascinates me.

My hope is always to translate some of what I see into artworks and also to share some fun, hope and encouragement along the way.

A wordy post? Yes, but I do like words.  So… my new blog name?

“Captivate Me”  (captivate: to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence; enchant)  Yes… those  are the things that I’m looking for :)


Stitched ‘soft’ and a challenge

Here I am again today with another view of this unusual flower.  I’ve also given it another treatment which has formulated an idea.. more about that further on in the post.

Here is this same ordinary flower, which is anything but ordinary at a closer glance.

Stitched_Soft Brown_ Robyn Gosby_2014

Somehow, once I’ve finished processing a photo I usually wish there was more – other times, I’m happy it’s done – and this got me to thinking.

I really like to experiment.. so I’ve decided to challenge myself.

My idea is to take 1 image and process it 4 ways – sharing it over 4 weeks – roughly one per week. We’ll see how I go.

If anyone wants to join me in this, let me know.   You’re most welcome!

I’m calling it the One Four Challenge.. at least for now… and I’m thinking that if anyone else does want to join me, we’ll use a linky tool (or something like that) and a tag of ‘One Four Challenge’.

Basically you post on your blog and link your post up to my One Four Challenge post for the week, with the linky tool.  More about this later on  if there are any takers.

I’ll probably start in November which gives me time to find an image I want to spend time on.

What I’m looking forward to is trying different things and even messing about if I want to – there is nothing to lose.  Hopefully it will be fun – spurring along creativity and learning lots more along the way.

I really like the addition of the softness and muted tones to this flower.  Wonder what else I can do with it :)

Well I’ve got plenty to fit into today – have a great day and a fabulous weekend, when yours comes around!


And Then The Butterfly Flapped Its Wings

Robyn G:

I was so taken with this beautiful story, written by Lora.. I asked if I could share it here.
Such a wonderful reminder that kindness is never wasted.

Originally posted on Snow's Fissures and Fractures:


♦♦♦ Part I – Peter ♦♦♦

It’s like the entire Universe is against me, he thought to himself. Last night Nina blew him off, ruining his perfect plans for their second date. And now he overslept. That stupid alarm clock his mom bought him let him down again.
Peter dragged his feet across the room and pulled the curtains from the window. “Great, it’s raining.” he murmured to himself and headed for the bathroom, stepping on his dog’s squeaky toy. “Barney, I swear one of these days…”
25 minutes later he was driving to work, zigzagging through heavy traffic, assuring himself the boss will be late, too. The car before him suddenly slowed down and forced him to change lanes, splashing pedestrians who were waiting to cross the street.
“Get out of my way! Peter, you are such a loser!” he waved in their general direction and pushed the…

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