Monochrome Madness – Week 27

It’s Monochrome Madness again and today I want to share another flower with you.

This beautiful flower is part of a gorgeous bunch – and a lovely surprise gift to me, from my dear husband – a burst of colour amidst the very grey weather we’re having here.

I thought this image might translate well to monochrome…. I think it did :)


..and here’s the colour version..


Another week of Monochrome fun, thanks to Leanne and Laura.  Please make sure you visit Leanne’s blog to see all the entries for this week.


The Sky won’t snow and the Sun won’t shine..

Grey, grey, grey, grey, grey, grey, grey!!!!  It’s so hard to see colour on days like these…

Sky won't snow_Sun won't shine

The sky won’t snow and the sun won’t shine…

I heard these words this morning and thought… that’s exactly how it is… so even though these are not photo worthy days, I decided to capture that grey feeling…

It may be rainin’, but there’s a rainbow above you…

..and then I think back to only yesterday… another grey and rainy day… I saw the most magnificent rainbow I’ve ever seen.. a promise.. and I chose to stand and enjoy the moment instead of running for the camera.  It was beautiful and it made me smile. So rich and full of colour with a backdrop of the darkest sky.

Quoted words as I’m sure you know (for those of us who grew up when their music was everywhere) are from the Eagles song, Desperado.

Maybe I’ll see another rainbow this afternoon :)


26 weeks of Monochrome Madness!

Wow! 26 weeks of Monochrome madness and a thoroughly enjoyable challenge it has been so far.. Once again, many thanks to Leanne for her hard work and to Laura for cheering us all on.

Our challenge this week is to find a monochrome shot without changing it to monochrome.  It’s been a very busy week for me and even though I was ‘watching’, I decided to use an image taken at the beginning of this month.  I think it works for the challenge.


As it is half way through the year, I thought it would be interesting to include a gallery of my work from the challenge so far… It’s good to look back to see what you’ve done – to see what you might do differently perhaps? – to see what you’ve learned and even tried…

I missed out on a few weeks as I’ve been dealing with a back injury this year, but I’m very happy – I made it most weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed it :)

Here’s a peek at my 1/2 year in pictures..

Please pop on over to Leanne’s blog to visit the gallery for our 26th week… I know it will be another great week of images.


Rain in the hills

A change of pace for me… and an outside post! :)

Saturday was another rainy day and a ‘liquorice all sorts’ kind of day – rain, sun, teeny hail – all sorts… and a nice day for a drive.

At one point we stopped on the roadside to take some photos.. this is what we saw.

‘Rain in the hills’ – a beautiful sight.

Rain in the hills

Rain in the hills 2

Rain in the hills 3

These photos were taken in the foothills on the Western side of the Blue Mountains NSW Australia.


Tea Party

Tea party 1

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

It’s still raining ;)


Monochrome Madness – week 25

25 weeks of Monochrome… how mad is that?!!  This challenge has inspired us for almost half a year… I can’t imagine not doing it :)  Thanks to Leanne and Laura!

I’ve been stuck inside lots lately with the weather and this week was no exception, so I’ve been photographing different flowers. My MM entry this week is another flower… a Polyanthus.

Here it is in monochrome..


..and the original colour version.


Pop on over to Leanne’s blog to see all the MM entries.. It’s always very inspiring.. and you meet the nicest people :)