At the beginning of this year, I decided it was time to pick up my pencils and brushes again.. it’s been too long and part of that (for me) is keeping a journal with ideas, sketches, doodles etc…

Starting out this year, I am very rusty again!! …and I need to be ok with that as I’ve taken a big break, but I’m loving being back, playing with pencil and paint.

I thought I’d share some ‘boots and all’ stuff of what I’m doing or being inspired by and I want to keep a record here too – this blog was (and is) an arts journal:) ..including my photography.

I’m just having a bit of rusty fun so far.. we’ll see where this takes me..or not.. but for now it makes me happy!

Objects.. and ideas..

Finding inspiration in ‘the ordinary’..

..and inspiration from other sources..

Doodling RobynGosby 2016

..and playing / experimenting..

Poppies RobynGosby 2016

That’s it for now…:)

2 Years of Monochrome Madness

It’s been another year of Monochrome Madness fun with Leanne.  Wow, this past year flew by for me.. and while I haven’t participated as much this year, it’s still great to be a part of this challenge – the best part being all of the inspiring images that are a part of the gallery each week.

The image below was my choice for this week – 2 Autumn leaves.

2 leaves RobynGosby 2016

..and here are the other images – my contributions for this second year. Enjoy the gallery..

Pop on over to Leanne’s blog to see many more inspiring monochrome images, celebrating a second year of the Monochrome Madness challenge.

Thank you Leanne for another year of MM😀

March – Behind the scenes…

This month for Behind the Scenes, I’ve still been taking some inside shots along with finally wanting to be outside for the beginning of Autumn.

Here’s what I found..

Weeds, Seeds and softness..

These images (below) show a closer look at a Gerbera after it was a flower. I was amazed to find out that Gerberas literally blow up ;)  One flower head becomes ‘All of this fluff’ (like dandelion tufts). Nature continues to amaze me.😀 I love that!

I also enjoyed taking a closer look at the little berries on the ornamental pears (seed pods maybe?).. and the thistles all over that are turning to fluff as well.

..and for some softness – the same feather I’ve shared before..

Behind the Scenes March RobynGosby 2016-10

Studies.. of some more Autumn leaves..

I really do love the colours and the beautiful detail in these leaves.

Outside.. in the early morning.. I love this time of year!!

..and the beginning of Autumn leaves on the trees..


This month’s One Four Challenge on Flickr… A St Patrick’s Day clover leaf.

..and the 100x challenge on Flickr too. I’m sharing Monochrome images for the year, following the set themes.. We are already 1/4 of the way there!  These are my choices for this month..

..and this one was meant to be for Monochrome madness. It didn’t go live so I thought I’d share it here too.

Light Cascade RobynGosby 2016

I’ve found lots to inspire me this month without going very far… I am looking forward to a day trip somewhere, sometime.. anywhere would be good😉 (actually I am away presently at our farm, so no whinging! – my back is improving thankfully, but still with good and bad days)..

For now though, I’m very thankful to find things to photograph that make me smile.  I hope one of these makes you smile too.

I’ve been making my own LR presets too and once I figure out how to share, I’ll be sharing them.

Tomorrow is April!😀😀

Collaboration with Emilio #5

It’s time for another image editing collaboration with Emilio ( and as I’m away presently, this post is scheduled to coincide with Emilio’s post.. I hope ) :)

This image is my end result and this time we are working with Emilio’s image and this is the back story he gave me.  I find it helps to have some idea of the circumstances when working with another photographer’s image. It’s also fun and a privilege.. and challenging!

“I was driving home at about 6 pm and it looked like rain was really coming down over the mountains. You could see very low, misty clouds hugging the mountain tops. So I headed off in that direction towards a place called Red Rock Canyon to the west. By the time I got there, the clouds had gone. So had the rain. But it was windy and cold.”

Knowing what it had been like, due to Emilio’s description and also knowing what appealed to him about the image, I decided to try to emulate the circumstances without actually knowing what it looked like – but only what I imagined it to be.


I wanted to subtly bring back the mist that was hanging around after the rain and keep the mood subdued, hopefully suggesting the cold and time of day.

At that time of day, the colours become more de-saturated and it becomes more about shapes and shadows. In my/this interpretation, it’s not quite that dark yet, but the light is almost gone and it’s the end of the day.

Emilio – do hope you like my interpretation of your image.  I always enjoy what you choose – you make me think and I really like that!

I do enjoy these collaborations and I like the way Emilio processes his images.. and mine :)  Once again, I haven’t read his post or seen his image yet, so am looking forward to both!

Please pop on over to Emilio’s to see the real story and his image! I know it will be great! Plus there are some wonderfully inspiring photos taken by him. In fact there are many!

Thanks heaps again, for the fun and the challenge Emilio!

..and I hope you too have enjoyed another of our collaborations:)