Collaboration with Emilio #4 – Macquarie Lighthouse

The last time I posted about a collaboration with Emilio, I was taking a blogging break.. and this time around has been the same.  There was a #3 collaboration which I didn’t post about (don’t remember why), but I’ll share a link further down, so you can view it on Emilio’s blog – as well as this, our fourth effort :)

This next round has been coming for a while really, but I must admit my heart wasn’t in it while my back was troubling me.  I seem to be enjoying a reprieve right now, for which I’m very grateful.

This time we are working on my own image – one that was taken on a drive after Christmas last year.

This is Macquarie Lighthouse – it was the first.. and is the longest serving, lighthouse site in Australia. It is located on Dunbar Head, Vaucluse, about (2 kilometres south of South Head) near the entrance to Sydney Harbour. (Source Mr. Wikipedia)

This 1883 structure is a replica of the original, built in 1818.

My image

I wanted to give my image a historic feel that tells a story without words – to convey the type of day and hopefully the era.

You can read more about the 2 Lighthouses (the original and the replica) and see them standing side by side by visiting Macquarie Lighthouse on Wikipedia and also the Lighthouses of NSW site.

I find this a fascinating subject and think it’s wonderful that it’s still a working lighthouse today.

The area itself is right on the ocean, although quite high from the water.  The place feels steeped in history and it was a real pleasure to be there and simply pass some time… and to see other people enjoying some time too.

The image was taken right on the cliffs near the ocean with a southerly breeze and it was a very cloudy (not photo friendly) kind of afternoon. The sky was really amazing in all of it’s layered grey-ness.

December in Sydney is normally pretty hot, but this day was as I described.  There were people walking on the paths. The surrounds of the lighthouse are a sort of reserve / park.

Here are some more images from the afternoon..

While I was sitting on the path (as you do) – this dear little fellow ‘George’, decided to visit me on the way past. George tootled off the path and came and sat directly in front of me. Hover on the images to see what George had to say ;)

Dear little George – he left an indelible mark on my heart and a very fond memory :)

Bye bye George :)

Further down this path, you’ll see this wonderful view…


Well that’s all from me on Macquarie Lighthouse… and my part of our collaboration this time around.

I do enjoy these collaborations with Emilio and I also enjoy the way he processes his images.. and mine :)  I know he tried a few different options with this one and I haven’t read his post or seen the image yet, so am looking forward to it!

Please pop on over to Emilio’s to see how he has interpreted my image with the information I gave him about the place and the day.

To see our previous effort, working with Emilio’s image – This is my interpretation below and you can also visit Emilio’s previous post here.


Thanks again for the fun and challenge Emilio!

..and I hope you’ve enjoyed our efforts too :D

Giving thanks..

Today is a good day to be thankful… for many things..

~ to Asgard ~
~ to Asgard ~

I’m thankful for:

Beautiful clouds and glorious skies

Friends and Family

Colour and Light (for without the light, I wouldn’t see the colour)

The internet – so I can be in touch with you (even though it’s very dodgy)

You :D

Having the privilege of learning (whenever I want)

Being able to create

My health

Nature and it’s miracles

My funny pets..

..and so much more!!

Thanks to you for your support and blogging friendships… it means a lot.. and although we may never meet ( or we may :D ) your encouragement is always appreciated and has touched my life in a wonderfully positive way.

Wishing those of you who celebrate a very Happy Thanksgiving :D

One Four Challenge – Nov Wk 4 2015

Good morning 😃 This is my first post created on a mobile device!

Hope you’ve had a great week, this past week. Please pop on over to Nic’s as she is hosting November’s challenge.  Thanks once again Nic 😄 You’re a wonderful host!

I’ll be back again with our December review the first Monday in December. See you then (and with some more info about our review month) 😃

As I’m posting on a mobile device, these are some images taken November last year. I remember these and loved the contrast of nature with man made. Simple things.

Have a great week everyone!!

One Four Challenge – Nov Week 3 2015

~ This is a scheduled post ~

Welcome to week 3 of the One Four Challenge. This week and this month, Nic is hosting the One Four Challenge, while I take a break.

Please add your links to Nic’s post this week and your comments – I know she’ll love to hear from you. Thanks again Nic!

Click on this link to visit Nic’s Nov Week 3 post for our challenge :) (fingers crossed I got the link correct) ;)

This past week, the skies have been truly amazing after the storms.. and after sunset!

Have a great week everyone :D

2016 Calendar – Flowers and Affirmations..

A plug. I’m very excited to share a project I’ve been working on.. 2016 Calendar and it’s now available :D

Calendar cover
Calendar cover

For some time I’ve been wanting to create a calendar with beautiful flowers and words.. and this is my beginning :) ..the result is ‘Flowers and Affirmations throughout the year’.

The calendar is A3 in size with a wire binder, printed onto 200gsm Satin art paper which means that any images you particularly like can be framed by you – to enjoy – after the year is done.

Each month of the year has a fine art flower image with a one word affirmation.

The calendar is available now and can be purchased direct, through my online store… If you have any questions or enquiries, please contact me through my Contact Form. I’d love to hear from you :)

Note: The images on my store page are very low res, so I’m sharing them here for your viewing – click for a larger view.

These are the images for each month..

I’d love you to share this if you feel inclined.. it will be greatly appreciated :)

..and I do hope these pretty flowers make you smile.

One Four Challenge – Nov Week 2 2015

~ This was going to be a scheduled post… but ;) here I am with a late post to say..

Once again, this week and this month, the lovely Nic will be hosting the One Four Challenge, while I take a break.

Please add your links to Nic’s post this week and your comments – I know she’ll love to hear from you.

Click on this link to visit Nic’s Nov Week 2 post for our challenge :)

~ Early morning chasings ~
~ Early morning chasings ~

Have a great week everyone!! :D

November morning..

This past week, my first week of break has seen my area here with many storms and much rain!

I have been taking some down time for myself as well as working, but this morning was my first opportunity to get outside with the camera, due to the wet weather.

Everything was covered in water drops… it was so fresh and pretty…

I thought the Spring trees were lovely covered in their fine watery jewellery…with the light shining on and through their leaves.

Of course I had my helpers with me – we were all exploring..

November morning 1 Robyn Gosby 2015

..and then an hour later more rain and storms were on the way… and they’re still coming!

November morning 9 Robyn Gosby 2015

A pretty nice start to the day..

..and then just after lunch time I had the chance to catch up with Kaz from Days and Months… and her partner.  I think we had the best yak!    So great to meet you Kaz!! ..and lovely to meet up with like minded people :D

A most enjoyable day.

I know this is not a Flowers on Friday post, but I’d thought I’d share the lovely leaves :P

Have another great weekend!!