Triptych and Watercolour finishes

This week saw me working on the final of 3 drawings for the triptych series for an assignment in drawing.
I’m very happy to have this completed.
This series was over a period of 3 – 4 weeks.

My triptych series is themed “Early Morning Light”, featuring the light and shadow of early morning.

The media used in this series is: Conte crayon, Compressed and Willow charcoal, graphite.
Completed 18th May.

Another finish was the 2nd watercolour for Painting.
This watercolour ‘subject’ was of our own choosing but needed to be a landscape.
The photo I used, was one I took of the golden canola fields last year near Cowra NSW, Australia.
As well as trialling watercolour, we could also add some mixed media which I chose to do.

The media used in this painting is: watercolour paints, pastels and ink.
Completed 20th May.

I’m also happy with the progress I made in Photography, Printmaking and Ceramics.
No finishes there yet though… but it’s been a productive week! 🙂