New works in progress…

These are some of the art projects I am currently working on.

My ritual vessel has been glazed and fired and I’m pretty happy with the way it has turned out.
There are a couple more ‘tweeks’ I might make if I can… time depending.

I’m not so sure it fit the brief properly, (Chinese ritual vessel), but it certainly looks really old and I like it anyway 🙂

This little fellow has just been entered in our Art School ‘Miniworks exhibition’.
He was inspired by the magnificent Terracotta Warriors.
He is a Terracotta Gnome 🙂

 (bad phone photo)

This is something I am currently working on.
I’m told it’s called a Flop Mold plate.
I have yet to do some decoration on it.

This semester in drawing we are working in colour!!!  Yay!!  I love colour 🙂
We are currently working on a triptych using oil crayons and the harmonious colours of Red, Blue and Yellow only.  Here is my progress so far.


I enjoyed this very much!


Just finished.
..and Blue is yet to follow.

In painting this semester, we are doing a theme called ‘My World’ (using acrylics), based on our own domestic Interior / Exteriors.  I have chosen an interior work and this is my progress so far.

There is much going on this semester and I’m told it’s going to get busier so at the same time as enjoying all that I am learning, I am also hanging on tight for the ride.
These are only some of what I can show for now.