Fauvist trials, a finish and a WIP

Today I’ve been trialling some fauvists styles based on the masters, with oil crayons for a new triptych project.
I’m not sure what I think about this yet, although I did enjoy the 2nd trial more than the first.
I am very much enjoying using the colour 🙂

Trial 1 – based on Henri Matisse’s  ‘The Sea at Collioure’, 1906

Trial 2 – based on  André Derain’s, ‘Mountains at Collioure’, 1905

I’m going to do some more trialling before I start.

This past week, I finished my triptych based also on the Impressionists, with our own twist and using Harmonious hues.

..and continued working on my David Tennant Portrait.

It’s been a very productive, enjoyable week 🙂