Ceramics ~ Raku firing

Today we had the best fun in Ceramics!
We fired our ‘ready for Raku’ pieces in a Raku firing.

Our small glazed objects were placed into a low heat kiln, then after 2 hours, they were taken out, glowing cherry red and placed directly into a small sealed space (see below).

We sprinkled them with saw dust and covered and smoked them for approx 20 mins.
After that we took them out of their little ‘smoking spaces’… (they looked like dinosaur eggs)..

and cooled them with water..

They all look amazing!
Everyone then peeled the cracked crust from their shapes and polished them.

This is how mine have finished up so far… (I’ll do a bit more polishing)…

I like Raku… you never know how they’re going to come out of the kiln.
It was the most fun I’ve had in Ceramics all year!