Painting ~ Surrealist project?

Yesterday in painting class, we started a new project…
This will be our final painting project for this year..  Only 4 weeks to go I think.
Where has this year gone so quickly?

So.. yesterday we set up for our painting by doing 3 loose 10 min sketches.
These sketches were all slightly different, but each one was of the same subject matter.
A crazy ‘anything goes’ set up.

This photo above was from the week before so slightly different, but it shows what we were doing.

Sketch 1 – overall

Sketch 2 – closer

Sketch 3 – a side view

Once we had completed these, it was time to rip and tear.
Choosing one drawing as our main background, we then glued torn sections (from the others) onto this piece to give us a ‘crazy mixed up’ look.
Our next step is starting our painting.
I think this will be a very fun project to end the year on.
Who knows how it will end up? 🙂

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