A day out and about in Sydney ~ visiting with Picasso

On the 30th November… yes it’s been a week or so already, some friends and I took ourselves in to Sydney AU to visit the Picasso exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW.

It was a very sticky humid rainy and sunny day… licorice allsorts weather!

This exhibition was very timely for me (and my friends) as we had only just finished a brief on cubism in Acrylic painting in our art course.

When I think of Cubism, Picasso comes straight to mind, particularly paintings of ‘his people’ with their strangely featured faces.

Of course he didn’t only create cubist style artworks… He was a master of so many styles.

It was amazing to be there viewing some of his work.  He was a prolific artist in his lifetime with some 50000+ artworks?  We were fortunate to view some 150+ artworks including, Sculptures, Drawings, Printmaking, Painting of course and so much more.

There was also a video showing Pablo Picasso creating… It was a clever visual as we looked at Picasso through glass so that he was facing us… so intriguing and interesting.

The Art Gallery of NSW has a series of podcasts talking about Picasso and some of these artworks.

Definitely worth a listen.

Visiting with Picasso was a real eye opener.

There were many beautiful works… some were classicly realistic in style, while others were uniquely Picasso as we know him.

There were a few favourites for me on the day.  Ones that really caught my eye and appealed to the  artist in me.  They were:

It was a great day wandering with friends and visiting with Picasso at the Art Gallery.

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    1. I so agree Emilie – it was having the opportunity to see his many styles and variety that gave me a great appreciation for his genius and skill.
      Thank you for commenting on my site and work. I really appreciate your comments 😀 Welcome!

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