Welcome Challenge players!

Just a note on wireless internet (I’m currently away)…

to wish all of our challenge players a very warm welcome!!

Ooh such fun!

Looking forward to catching up with everyone’s emails and posts when I return

( I’m on  break with my family 😀 )

Hope you’re having fun already!

Robyn xx

3 thoughts on “Welcome Challenge players!

  1. Robyn, thanks so much for setting up this challenge. I was eager to start, then I had a bad start…no camera! Left it behind at my in-laws! So my poorly looking photos are as a result of my very bad mobile phone camera! Determined not to be beaten! Photos can only improve?
    Also experienced a bit of confusion as how to set up…new page, new blog, or just include in existing blog…started with page but blogger doesn’t allow dated daily postings in page? Reverted to daily posting in home mode. Any suggestions as to how others have handled this are welcome.
    I loved your Colourful Friday challenges and miss them…I’m quite pleased with this new challenge!
    Thanks for including me. S.P.


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