Day 19 / 366 – Beauty

I’m so excited!

Today I wasn’t sure what I would photograph for my daily pic, so took my camera outside to see what I could find.

While I was pondering / snapping, this beautiful fellow captured my attention…

I followed him very gingerly and took as many shots as I could without bothering him…

Isn’t he simply beautiful?!!

- resting -

Here’s a collage to show closer views..

- beauty -

I’m so glad to have been in the right place at the right time 😀


6 thoughts on “Day 19 / 366 – Beauty

  1. Robyn it’s gorgeous, I get them flying around outside my study window – I always get distracted, so beautiful.


  2. Wow – you have taken a very beautiful photo of a very beautiful butterfly! (just wanted to share with you that “Vanessa” means butterfly!)


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