Day 28 / 366 – Court House

The Bathurst Court House is a magnificent structure and a work of art!

It’s described as being “Neo- Classical with an octagonal Renaissance dome”.

It’s very large and is stated to be 81 metres long and 45 metres wide.

You can feel history when standing before  it.

- Bathurst Court house -
- Bathurst Court house gates -

To view more of this building and to read more visit, Bathurst Historic Court House.


The photos from this post are all mobile phone photos, as my camera battery was flat.

I wasn’t going to include the two following photos due to glare.. BUT… I think it’s worth including them for historic purposes.

Here is a view of one of the Court house wings.

- Court house wing -
- Court house wing close -

I’ll enjoy taking my camera back one day.

One thought on “Day 28 / 366 – Court House

  1. 1882….wow it’s 140 years old! I really love old buildings, something about the aura they have. Lol, I must take some of Trial Bay Gaol as it holds history from convict days and from WWII when German prisoners were housed there.


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