Day 30 / 366 – Majesty

On the way out to dinner the other night, hubby and I saw this glorious sky!

We quickly jumped out of the car and starting snapping with our mobile phones ( really need to find my camera battery and get it charged!)

What a beautiful sight… Hope you enjoy it too 😀

- Majesty -

I lifted the saturation level slightly for viewing purposes, but left it close to original.

The mobile camera doesn’t really do justice to such a gorgeous sight!  So glad we were there!

4 thoughts on “Day 30 / 366 – Majesty

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I missed this! Just happened to be at my daughter’s house and she lives on the east side of the hill…can’t believe I missed it!
    And yes, it’s raining up here in the mountains too…and I’m over it.


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