Photo 2, Day 33 / 366 – Forgotten

I’m so inspired by all the fabulous photography sites I’ve been visiting and it’s amazing what you can learn, simply by reading and following some of the great tutes and hints out there.

As it’s pouring rain.. still.. and it’s going to be raining heavier this afternoon, I decided to have a go at editing an everyday photo to try and make the best of it.

I call this photo ‘Forgotten’ as that’s exactly what it is.

This is the original..

- Forgotten, original -

and the ‘gently’ edited copy… I’ve been playing with layers.

I was kind of going for a slightly faded, aged look?

- Forgotten -

Hopefully the changes are subtle and successful.

I’d like to know your thoughts please… I’m new to layers.  I like this but perhaps there is something I’m not seeing or could do to make it a better shot.  Thanks for your feedback 😀

3 thoughts on “Photo 2, Day 33 / 366 – Forgotten

  1. Hi Robyn,
    I love all your photos from the last few days. The subtle changes to your Forgotten photo are great. I would love to learn more about layering… my techno minded son tried to explain them to me a couple of years ago but he lost me! Are you using Photoshop?


  2. Looks like you’ve saturated the colours as the greens are a deeper colour and the ‘imperfections’ and wear and tear shadows on the wheelbarrow and basin are more accentuated. The green plants look sharper too which makes the barrow and sink look more ‘used’….a bit more ‘shabby chic’ in the garden??
    Very subtle and well done as the picture gains in depth and colour.


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