Day 49 / 366 – Amazing Skies

Our skies in Australia are so amazing presently!  I find I constantly have a camera in my hand, just because I want to remember these beautiful ‘skies of art’ and they are ever changing!

I thought I’d share some with you, because I think they’re awesome!

God's Artwork

With these skies we are also getting the most incredible electrical storms!

4 thoughts on “Day 49 / 366 – Amazing Skies

  1. Robyn
    We don’t get skies like that down here. Maybe though it is because if there is an electrical storm I am the chicken and am inside 🙂 I am just about to invest in a decent cameraphone. Missing out on too much. Have just finished my second pastel and it worked. Just need to take a photo and I will send it.
    Enjoy your day


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