Day 67 / 366 – Black and White Wednesdays..

with OBriens Pix

I enjoy Black and White Wednesdays and finding ‘decent or inspiring’ Black and White content.

As stated in my previous post, we’ve had soooo much heavy rain and flooding, that it’s been difficult to be outside.

Yesterday however on my way to painting, I took a pic (mobile phone camera) that I think lends itself to B&W.

Yes I know it’s Friday in OZ and not Wednesday… I’m catching up 😉

This is the old Post Office in Richmond NSW AU.

- Old Post Office building, Richmond NSW AU -

The above shot is perhaps a bit glary, I think…and I’d like it to have a bit more contrast and depth.

..and these are it’s everyday colours..

- Old Post Office building, Richmond NSW AU - colour -