Day 89 / 366 – Family Coffee Table

- Family Coffee Table -

I was sitting ‘looking’ at our coffee table this morning and wondered if it would make an interesting photo.

There’s a lot going on… some might even call it a mess 😉 …but in my home, this is family!

I took the photo and I think it translates to an interesting study.

Using an aperture of 4.8,  the only focal point is the blue bird.  My eye starts with the birds and wanders around to start again.  I wonder if you see the same here.

Another everyday ‘look’ at things.

3 thoughts on “Day 89 / 366 – Family Coffee Table

  1. Looks a bit like our coffee table(s). Yes, so hard to keep ‘tidy’ when a family lives there/ here! Maybe coffee tables are a bit like desks…they say a lot about their ‘owners’? I love that you can see your quilts in the background too…come to think of it our lounge looks a bit like that too!
    Actually a LOT like that! Lol.
    I have enjoyed your photographs over the past few days…good to see you back.


  2. Love your birds, especially the bluebird. I have similar shaped ones except mine are red glass oh and I have a blue one with an orange head. Eamonn Vereker is the local glassmaker.
    Have a wonderful Easter


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