Day 98 / 366 – Dandelion

- Dandelion -


Golden tufted chenille
coat buttons
freckling the lawn.

Spires with globes
of airy seeds,
fragile as vapor to the wind.

Oh, Springs most
molested flower,
spurned by paupers and prince lings;

unwanted, unheralded and unsung,
yet touching every suburban
child’s life

with fragrant memories of halcyon days
of ringlets made to crowns
and wishes blown to the wind.

With the sweet smell of
sticky nectar perfuming
young fingertips

as they explore delight
and discover the joy
of this unassuming vagrant,

before they learn to spurn
his unwanted advances,
as most frequent of flowers maligned;

the droll and lovely dandelion.

Gerard A. Geiger April 12, 2005

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