Day 104 – 2 / 366 – Pissarro Rosebuds

Wow, 2 photo posts in a day!  Woohoo!

I have been outside with the camera this morning.. it’s a gorgeous day and once again my neighbours fantastic roses caught my eye.  They were sitting in dappled shade and brilliant Autumn sunshine.

I want to share this photo.  It immediately made me think “Pointillism’…

- a tribute - Rosebuds after Pissarro -

I’d like to dedicate it to Camille Pissarro as he was my first introduction to Pointillism and the Impressionists really.

First glance is a mish mash of colours and with a second look, hopefully you see the real focus.  I love experimenting!

5 thoughts on “Day 104 – 2 / 366 – Pissarro Rosebuds

  1. Lovely photograph, Paul. Did you know that there is a rose named for Camille Pissarro? It is mixture of rich pink and yellow–gorgeous, check online for photos. If you’re a Pissarro fan, maybe you’d like to read my blog about Pissarro at
    Ann Saul


    1. Hello Ann,
      I’m Robyn 😀
      Lovely to have you stopping by… I didn’t know about the Pissarro rose, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out and yes I’ll be visiting your blog.
      Thankyou for visiting and for your comment.

      Kind regards,


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