Day 104 / 366 – Boots ‘n all

My intention was (and is) to photograph outside today, but these boots left at the front door caught my eye.  I think they make a real statement about ‘being happy to be home’… so I was going to call this photo, “I’m home”…


- Boots 'n all -

..after seeing the photo with it’s dusty floor and fabulous ‘un-perfectness’, I thought ‘Boots ‘n all’ told the story beautifully 🙂

I’m still undecided about the strip of red down the right hand side… if I take it away the boots seem to float… With it there, the boots are anchored… Mmm..

Edit: Without the red below…

'Boots 'n all' crop

I’m still undecided… perhaps they both have a place.

2 thoughts on “Day 104 / 366 – Boots ‘n all

  1. Robyn amazing how a little detail can make so much difference. The red seems to frame your pic. and finish it off, yet, one would be so tempted to delete it as at first it seems to ‘not belong’.


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