Day 127 / 366 – Perigee Moon

This past weekend was the fabulous Supermoon… we saw it come up last night as Saturday night was cloudy until late.

We were caught out with 2 camera batteries flat…what a time! 😉 It didn’t stop us though…any record was better than none 😀 So… here are our ‘rickety, blurry, hand held, tripod-less photos’.  I quite like these from an art perspective… they make me think of looking into a vortex or down a rabbit hole 🙂  Might be inspiration for some creative endeavour!

This moon was amazing!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 127 / 366 – Perigee Moon

  1. Well done, the moon looks very spooky. I tried to capture the moon too, as it looked so clear and close. But with my little Nikon point and shoot, I only got a blurry squiggle…I will probably post it at the end of the week – just for the record.


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