Sketching – Quirky Coffee Grinder

This afternoon I played with some chunky graphite sticks and white pastel.

My aim was to do a quick sketch to see if I could make my subject (the coffee grinder), recognisable.

My sketch ended up being about 15 mins or so… not so and I’ve made the coffee grinder appear ‘squat and quirky’. :p

Funny!! …and a fun exercise 🙂

‘Quirky coffee grinder’ sketch
on Canson 220 Drawing paper A2
Graphite and Pastel

3 thoughts on “Sketching – Quirky Coffee Grinder

  1. Monochrome is something I always fall back on with my art…but I do see that you have introduced a 2nd colour which gives the whole piece an interesting bent.
    Thanks too for the chance to be part of your photo challenge, I am thoroughly enjoying the participation and it’s got me thinking of ways of creating art out of the photographs I’ve been taking. Seriously considering making this a permanent format for my blog.


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