Workshop – Watercolour and Mixed Media

Yesterday I spent the day at a Watercolour and Mixed Media workshop.

It was a great day.

Our first task for the day was to set up our Mixed Media piece using Impasto medium as the artwork base with added textures and granular substance.

As it was quite a cool day, we had a lovely morning tea and lunch and created another watercolour painting while we waited for the first piece to dry…

– Cupcakes –

This is my watercolour painting (below) with a touch of oil pastel, created while waiting.Β  Still a WIP presently… a little bit more to do.

– Pink Lily –

Sometime after lunch we spent time putting paint to our mixed media piece…and adding the final touches.

Each of us left with our main pieces finished and they were all the same subject matter, but so wonderfully different.

(There were 2 of our painting buddies missing though, due to health and we did miss you both!)

– ‘Red Centre’ mixed media piece –

It was very interesting and fun day was had by all! πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Workshop – Watercolour and Mixed Media

  1. Love your untitled. Quick give it a name. There is so much colour and personality it needs to talk πŸ™‚


  2. Robyn, your tree and landscape art work is fabulous, I love the colours you have used and how the tree trunk is the focus of your piece. You’ve done a great job on the lily also. You are indeed a very talented lady!


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