A world without colour – Grey days

I’ve been talking about the grey grey wintery weather we’re having here in Australia.

One of my lovely visitors here mentioned the grey skies on a previous post and this got me to thinking…

At art school last year, one of the things we learnt was Colour Theory… an endless interesting subject.

Isaac Newton said that colours are a fundamental property of light.

Colour theorist Johannes Itten was quoted as saying, “Color is life, for a world without color seems dead. As a flame produces light, light produces color. As intonation lends color to the spoken word, color lends spiritually realized sound to form.” — Johannes Itten

What does this mean??
One of the questions asked last year was this.. “If there is no light, is there any colour?”
I’m sure this is a very controversial question and answer subject… and of course, we’ll all make our own minds up about what we think…. but oh so interesting!!!
Looks at these colour photos below… it is a grey day with no sun and very low light… they appear to be black and white.
– Grey day –

To read more about colour theory and make up your own mind, visit this Wikipedia link for lots more info and places to research.

Colour is such an interesting wonderful subject!!

3 thoughts on “A world without colour – Grey days

  1. I haven’t read up on your suggested link…but my only observation is that even without colour there are still tones. I particularly like the bottom pic. Strong silhouette happening here!


  2. Great photos and interesting post, Robyn. Colour theory is such an interesting subject and there is so much to learn. I took the Colour Theory tutorial mentioned at the bottom of the Wiki article, it was very informative. Thank you 🙂


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