Blast Furnace Ruins

– Lithgow Blast Furnace Ruins –

Yesterday on the way past, we stopped by to visit the old ruins of the Lithgow Blast Furnace.  This is a fantastic place to visit, ‘steeped in history‘ as the Lithgow website says… it’s truly amazing!

The first iron and the first steel in Australia were cast at this site.  The blast furnace was established in 1886 and continued production until 1928 when the entire industry was moved to Port Kembla NSW.

The site, now developed as a park around the remains of the pump house and the foundations of the furnace is a fascinating place to visit.   It’s many tunnels, deep holes and holding tanks etc. all add character.  The brickwork is amazing too.. such a work of art for our time.. so much detail.

To read more about this furnace and it’s history, visit the Lithgow site for it’s history.  To stand in history is fantastic!!

This is how the original pumphouse and blast furnace looked many years ago, when in operation.

– Image courteousy of Greater Lithgow website –

Below are my photos and how the pumphouse and remains stands today…

I definitely want to visit this wonderful historical site again!!

7 thoughts on “Blast Furnace Ruins

  1. I love these photographs Robyn.
    It’s sad to see so much of Australia’s history falling down around our ears! {But makes for some great photograpy?}
    Looks like you’ve had a few rewarding days.


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