Day 176 / 366 – Tollhouse

The South Creek Tollhouse stands on the bank of South Creek in Windsor NSW AU.

This tollhouse, stands on the foundations of the original tollhouse (built in 1814), which collapsed due to flood waters in 1864.  Tolls were collected from here until 1887.

– Tollhouse steps –
– Tollhouse –

The tollhouse stands under a massive Jacaranda tree in dappled shade, with the creek flowing by just down the bank.

(The background is flared as it was a very glary day).

Here is a vent from the tollhouse (below) I had to share too… in colour… love the detail!  It looks like it might have been part of the original foundations too.

4 thoughts on “Day 176 / 366 – Tollhouse

  1. I’ve never seen this place Robyn, may have to visit. Great photos, interesting history.

    My Mum’s property borders Eastern Creek and is now being encroached upon by the expansion that is the Northwest Growth Centre…vast expanses of rural properties will soon be covered in bricks and mortar. A sore point for many…


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