Day 198 / 366 – The things you see…

I’ve been doing a massive and much needed studio cleanup this past weekend.  Art and quilting supplies (and other junk) had collided and exploded in my tiny work space… 😉  It was hard to be creative in such a mess, so it was time to get stuck in and get sorted!!

After a successful ‘sorting’ (with still a box here and there to go), I was sitting at my desk yesterday feeling satisfied with my progress, when I saw this (I think) wonderful sight 😀

Streaming light

I’m so inspired by light!!

2 thoughts on “Day 198 / 366 – The things you see…

  1. Sorry for lack of contact over the last few days, I was offline due to illness, but I’m back 🙂 I have enjoyed all your photos especially the painterly mandarin, all the dandelions and Pepe. Lovely!


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