My thanks

This post is to say ‘thank you‘ to you.

I’m especially thankful… for those who follow my blog and leave comments and likes.  It’s rewarding to know that people are interested in what we’re creating and the way we ‘see’ the world.
The formal learning art world was new to me until 18 months ago.. what a life changing experience!  Something I’m very thankful for.

I’d also like to say thanks to OhWayCho from Capture the Captivating (one of so many fab blogs / sites out there) for 2 blogging awards.

I’m delighted to accept these awards knowing that my work is reaching people 😀  Thankyou OhWayCho.

I need to tell you 7 things about myself and nominate blogs to pass these awards onto… I always find the nominating part too hard, so I’ll nominate you all!!!  Thankyou 🙂

The 7 things…

1. I’d rather eat lollies (sweets) than chocolate

2. Family comes first 🙂

3. I’m the eldest of 4 children

4. I’ve been quilting since 1994 and sewing, drawing and creating since I was very young.

5. I design quilting sewing patterns and have been published for these in Aussie magazines.

6. I love my cat 🙂

7. Colour inspires me (maybe you did know that) 😉

Look at all those ‘I’s’… lol… that wouldn’t go well in an art review 😛

Thanks for listening and simply… Thanks x

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