Day 211 / 366 – True nature

I like this photo… Oh I know it’s not perfectly in focus… but there is more 🙂

It captures the essence of the Border Collie nature.  The nervousness, the keen-ness, the anticipation and the fidgety movement that is all part of their lovely ‘selves’…

” Pucker Up and look deep into my eyes!” 😉

– Kissy face? –

4 thoughts on “Day 211 / 366 – True nature

  1. Wonderful! Who could resist? It really captures the moment and the dogged optimism and determination of these lovely natured canines when they decide they want something.


    1. Hi Caroline,
      Thanks so much and definitely… yes!
      They are so beautifully natured… and the eyes have it all 🙂
      I appreciate your comment and stopping by.


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