Day 220 / 366 – Changing lenses

I’m still learning about lenses and their many uses… one of the things I love about photography is that it feels endless.  You can always learn something (my thoughts only).

In the garden this morning some of my lovely little pansies has ‘melted frost’ on them, creating beautiful rainbow droplets.

I wanted to get in as close as possible to capture the drops.

This was my result using my standard camera lense. Nikon 105mm | f 5.6 | iso 200 | f 5.6 | 1/320.

– Melted frost droplets –


..and closer..

While there is clarity on the far petal, I would’ve liked more clarity on the droplets… I love seeing these micro drops up so close.  If I’m lucky enough with good weather tomorrow or another day (and a good eye and a steady hand) ;), I’m going to try the 50mm | f 1.8 lense to see the difference.

I also tried the Nikon 70mm | f 4.5 lense today to see what would happen, but the droplets had gone by the time I did this.

Still learning.  Love it!  😀

7 thoughts on “Day 220 / 366 – Changing lenses

  1. These are amazing – that second would make another great card!! Let me know if it’s possible – email me at lauriebecker1 at gmail dot com. THANKS!!


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