12 thoughts on “Day 233 / 366 – In the garden

  1. You take amazing photos! Do you do any touching up on Photoshop? Or are they all completely natural? Also, what brand of camera do you use? -Sorry for all the questions haha


    1. Hey Dave thanks so much for the compliment 😀
      I do ‘allsorts or nothing’ to my images depending on the image and the day.
      This partcular one was in dappled shade, with changing light. I used bracketing and then chose this image.
      I have duplicated and overlaid one layer and have heightened the saturation. I wanted a richness of depth and colour. That’s it 😀
      I use a Nikon D90 and I’m really happy with it.
      No probs, about the questions… I’m happy to answer.


      1. Ah yes, I had a feeling you had ‘tampered’ with the saturation! I do a lot of that in my photographs also – though haven’t done much since my camera got stolen.. which brings me to the camera question – I am on the hunt for a good camera and you’re yet one more person that uses a Nikon D-series so I might look at investing in one of them.
        Keep up the amazing photographs!


      2. Sorry your camera was stolen… Ewww! I bet you feel lost without it.
        I enjoy the Nikon very much… it does what I want and so much more 🙂
        Thanks again for the comment and your compliments.. Aprreciate it!


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