Petition – continuing funding for Art courses in NSW Australia

I’m not really one to post petitions online, but this one is very important.. It will be a very sad day if this goes ahead!

Link here – Fund Art Education in NSW TAFE

On September 11 the Australian NSW government announced 
that it would stop funding art education in TAFE, 
leaving 4000 students without access to finishing 
their courses in 2013. 
TAFE Art courses are the main provider of art 
education in NSW, with many prominent artists 
getting their first 'hands on' training in TAFE. 
The withdrawal of funding will mean that only the
wealthy will be able to afford private art 
education and NSW will suddenly find it no longer
has emerging artists with skills coming through.

5 thoughts on “Petition – continuing funding for Art courses in NSW Australia

  1. This is appalling! Our national educational standards have already slipped badly, and this is only going to harm the generations to come. We still have a few visual arts courses in SA, but its getting harder and harder to get into them, they have cut classes at TAFE so badly. Creativity is discouraged here, relegated to the WEA eveining classes or Adult Secondary Colleges, and the kids coming out of uni and TAFE are pretty much illiterate and have very little general knowledge outside of their rote learning. Imagination of any sort has no place in our modern education system it seems. Its scary! What is really discouraging is that I have come across students who have come to Adelaide from Queensland to get the creative classes they need!


    1. I wholeheartedly agree Caroline, with everything you said!
      It really boggles the mind… and where does it end..?
      I have peers halfway through courses… if it’s not stopped, their training will be for naught… unless they can afford to HECS their fees…which I know they cannot.
      I took a year off with a view to going back next year and this will put paid to my plans as well 😦
      Thanks for the supportive comment.


  2. Added my signature as not everyone is an academic but not every academic can take a photo, paint a picture or even create a sign with the right perspective. I have paintings that I couldn’t create and every piece of fabric I buy to make into something had to be designed by someone with a creative mind.


  3. You should see what Victoria is doing to Tafe. Our Tafe has lost 35 million from it’s budget. I’ve been teaching young adults with mild intellectual disabilities for ten years in a Tafe and all the contract teachers in this area are not getting their contracts renewed…………..


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