Exhibition – Blacktown City Art Prize

This year I entered the Blacktown City Art Prize… the first time for me.  Artists enter their chosen works for selection and then pieces are selected for display.  I’m excited to share that one of my artworks was chosen.

My oil pastel ‘Tea Time‘.

‘Tea time’ oil pastel on paper

I’d like to congratulate all the other artists who have been selected… among those are fellow students from last year.

The Blacktown Art Prize (Australia) exhibition will run from the 29 September 2012 – 10 November 2012.

***unsure why I can’t presently add a link to the BCAP, so I’ll add the whole URL then amend it later on*** http://www.artscentre.blacktown.nsw.gov.au/exhibition/2012-blacktown-city-art-prize.cfm

10 thoughts on “Exhibition – Blacktown City Art Prize

  1. I can certainly see why it was chosen!! It’s gorgeous and I love the close cropping. I know it’s oil pastel by the gestural marks, but I can really sense the actual tea pot’s material… I’m almost positive I know what it looked like before it was drawn. Gestural qualities with incredible amounts of detail. It’s outstanding and you should be very proud! Great work and congrats! 🙂


    1. Thankyou so much Polly.
      I really appreciate your comments and I’m glad to be able to convey the teapot to you with all it’s texture and character.
      Again, thankyou. To me this is what it’s all about 🙂


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