A small giveaway…

I’m having a small giveaway.. my way of saying thanks to those following along… being interested in what I do.  There are 202 following along on the blog now and 50 on the facebook page… 🙂  Wooohoo!!  Im glad you’re here… your feedback and thoughts give inspiration and are always appreciated… thanks!

I’d like to share 1 small pack of 6 (real) greeting cards with envelopes. They include images of my work, 2 cards for men, 2 flowers and 2 art. The pic below shows the actual images on the cards.

– Card giveaway –

If you’d like to be the recipient of this small thankyou pack.  This giveaway is for people following either the blog or facebook page.  Please leave your name and email as a comment on this post (I must be able to contact you please)… and I’d love to know which medium I use (if any)… interests you the most.

I’ll use the random generator thingy to select the giveaway recipient on Sunday 30th, September Aussie time.  The real cards will be sent their way 🙂

Any questions, please ask and I’ll do my best to answer.

Thanks for being along for the ride!! 😀

5 thoughts on “A small giveaway…

  1. I look forward to your daily photo. Loved the roses, rosebuds, lavender and the poppies. Thought your blue pottery oil pastel was amazing. I am enjoying the ride 🙂


  2. Thanks for the opportunity…
    I love your photography Robyn but I especially love your pastels…
    Thanks again for the opportunity to join in the photo challenge, I have been thoroughly enjoying it and it’s a great motivator to keep the blogging going.


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