Day 275 / 366 – Musk Lorikeet

I wandered outside this morning to take some photos of the gorgeous bottlebrush that are flowering presently.  The colour is wonderful.  While I was there, these lorikeets landed in the tree, helping themselves to nectar and not really caring about me… too much.

– Musk lorikeet –

I haven’t seen this lorikeet before so I was very excited to find out what they were.  My book, ‘Field Guide to the birds of Australia’ tells me that it’s a Musk Lorikeet.

This morning we also have lots of Rainbow Lorikeets around too.

5 thoughts on “Day 275 / 366 – Musk Lorikeet

  1. I’ve not seen this type of parrot before either Robyn. Hope someone can identify. Once we rescued a parrot that had knocked itself out after flying into our window. WIRES told us it was a rare parrot from…believe it or not…Tasmania!


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