Outback Australia ~ South West Queensland

My Brother in law Geoff, has been taking some mobile phone pics while working in the South West corner of QLD Australia. I asked him if he’d mind if I share some of them here.  I’m aware there’d be many viewers who never have and never would see some of our Aussie Outback.

Sooo a big thankyou to Geoff for sharing 😀 ..

The Outback is vast and contrasty and colourful and harsh… or not, depending on the seasons.  The skies really are blue and the dirt is red!

These pics were taken around and between Quilpie and Thargomindah.  I haven’t been to this area either, so I’m just as interested.  When I was young, I the furthest I travelled was to Longreach and possibly Mt Isa (a bit foggy on the memory of the latter..it’s been a while).

You can read more about the Outback – South West Channel Country here

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