Day 285 / 366 – Apple Blossom

Today I’m sharing an image taken a day or two ago… it’s pouring rain, howling windy and snowing on the mountains near here today… in Spring! Crazy weather 🙂

The original image didn’t excite me… it’s flat and well not wonderful… So.. with nothing to lose I did some enhancing and I really like the results now… Think I could keep on going and playing, creating all sorts from this one image… I like that 😀

Here are 2 different versions that I like…

..and this was original.

It’s fun to play! Wishing you a creative day 😀

2 thoughts on “Day 285 / 366 – Apple Blossom

  1. What strikes me about these photographs is the colour…soft and complimentary. Gorgeous.
    And would you believe? I missed the snow…all couped up in my work office and missed it all! I hope you survived the day.


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