Day 296 / 366 – Painted Rose

Good morning 🙂 I’m a little behind with my challenge again presently and my subject matter seems to be limited (happily) to my garden and our gorgeous puppies.  The puppies ( now 10 weeks old ) are keeping me on my toes and I’m very much looking forward to getting out and about for some different subject matter 😉

Until then… my camera eyes are focusing on my immediate surroundings 😀

This morning I was watching the morning light until it came over and danced across the petals (due to the light breeze) on another of my lovely Iceberg roses… here’s what I saw.

This image gives me ‘a painted feeling’… I’m actually not so sure about the composition but I love the subject matter, particularly the light and contrast and the complimentary colours.

I also tried a limited crop…

I’m enjoying my roses this year 🙂

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