13 thoughts on “Fleeting Moment

      1. I remember one day riding my bike into the city and clouds were really low on the Eureka Building in Melb, the sun was shining on the building and they were being reflected off it onto the clouds, it was incredible, did I have a camera, of course not, I tried to use my phone but the camera in it as the time was so bad, so all I have is the memory of it.


      2. Good morning! 🙂
        Sounds awesome! It’s obviously stayed with you.. An imprinted memory.
        I saw the most incredible sunrise this morning… No camera 😉 If I’d gone to get one, I would’ve missed it, so I enjoyed the moment 🙂


      3. Good morning to you too.
        That means I slept through it as well 🙂 oh well, it sounds like this time of the year is good for them, must go out more often in the morning.
        Yes imprinted for sure, I hope it happens again one day, not that I ride my bike anymore, but I always have a camera now. 🙂


      4. The sunrise was gorgeous! Worth getting up for 🙂
        Oranges, pinks, cerulean and almost maroon, surrounded by grey… And very close layers.
        Yes, So good to have a camera in hand…
        Hope you have a fantastic Saturday 🙂


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