The History of Portraiture

While blog hopping this morning, I found a very interesting article on the History of Portraiture, written by Paul at Craftsy… one I thought was worth sharing for those of us who are interested.

Follow this link to read the article.

Do you like to create portraits?  People’s  faces young and old have always fascinated me, especially ‘the eyes’… they tell such a story.  Elderly people’s faces are so wonderful to draw… there is so much ‘life’.

My last portrait artwork, was taken from a photograph (not my own) and created way back in 2011… feels like a long time ago now..  It’s of one of my favourite actors… and Doctors 😀 (David Tennant).

David Tennant final_faj_wm

Mixed media – ink, charcoal, graphite and soft pastel.

The brief relating to this work, was a study of Max Dupain and his awesome contrasty black and white photography.  He was to be our inspiration.  I loved this brief and the finished work.

Must do some more portraiture… before this one.. it had been many many years!

9 thoughts on “The History of Portraiture

  1. One of my favorite Doctors also! I loved this when I first saw it and still love it. You’ve been able to capture his expression so nicely. Looking forward to seeing another portrait!


  2. One of my favourites too! This is so David Tennant! It will be great to see some of your other work!


  3. Awwww, David Tennant is my daughters Fav Doctor but Christopher Eccleston is her first Doctor (you never forget your first Doctor)!! 🙂 It’s a great piece of work and according to Cait…you are awesome!! 🙂


    1. Thanks David 🙂
      Tell Cait, DT is my fave as well, although I’m enjoying the quirkiness of Matt Smith.
      Gotta love Chris Eccleston though… he started it all again!


    1. Hello Jule and thanks for leaving me a comment 🙂
      DT is one of my fave actors also… and thanks for your kind words on my work.
      I must pop by and visit your blog.
      Kind regards,
      Robyn x


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