Chasing Autumn 2

Yesterday I called my post, ‘Chasing Autumn’.

The reason for this is the beautiful cherry tree shown… it’s a bit elusive trying to find a composition I like, so I keep on trying 🙂

Yesterdays image was post edited… today’s image is pretty close to how it really looks.  The colour of the tree might be a little bit more brilliant in real life.

Chasing Autumn - colourI used a 70 – 300mm lense (set @  f4) for this shot, hence the blurred out foreground (which I’m not sure about..I think it’s distracting), with the focal point being the cherry tree and the old shed.  I think I’ll keep on trying while ever the leaves are on the tree… which will be for just a little while longer.  The colour is truly amazing!

I do love Autumn!!

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