Chasing Autumn 3

Today I’m messing around pressing buttons, playing with layers, altering colours etc…

Chasing Autumn 3

We have inclement weather here today and it’s not an outside camera kind of day… it’s more of a sit ‘on the fire’ and stay warm, kind of day.

Keeping along with my theme of ‘Chasing Autumn’, this image is one I took a few days ago and have altered to try and find something I like.  I really like the colours and I think the clouds have become the focal point, rather than the cherry tree. I’d like the tree to be more orange and less ‘dark’, but I couldnt make it happen in this manufactured image.

A fun experiment 😀

4 thoughts on “Chasing Autumn 3

  1. Love the moodiness of the sky and the sun in the leaves, but my eye is drawn to the building/shed first as it is white in an area of dark. Maybe a bit of cloning would help?


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