Woot! 300 ish people interested in what I’m doing… Thankyou! 🙂


There’s a great community of people out there…and we’re all a part of it!

Some people we know and have met… Others we may get to know and meet one day.. and then there are those we just have the privilege of being in contact with from far away.

Thankyou for the encouragement 🙂

Thankyou for the inspiration 🙂

Thanks for all the kind words 🙂

..and Thanks for sharing your part of the world too.

5 thoughts on “300!!

  1. Thank you for all the wonderful photos! Sharing the puppies, the close-ups of the flowers, the photos taken from your back yard showing the sky and the seasons, and your crochet. Its been my daily dose of inspiration for months!


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