Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Yesterday morning on the way back from my sojourn to ‘my’ cherry tree… I saw this roo sitting in the old orchard…

Escape 1-001

I must say… I was soooo not ready to take these shots… At the same time as deciding I should try and take some snaps, I was fumbling with the camera snapping and changing to auto…really quickly!!!  Consequently they are very raw ( not processed or refined…especially, the ‘not refined’ part 😉 ) and not even necessarily in focus.

I definitely think it fits this week’s weekly challenge though.. so imagine they are much better 😀

There was a silent dialogue that happened between the roo and me 🙂

The roo: You can’t see me.

Me: I can see you!

The roo: Aggghhhh! Run!

Escape 2-001

Escape 3-001

The roo: Escape!!!

Escape 4-001

Escape 5-001

Escape 6-001There endeth my exciting tale 😀

PS I should say the roo (kangaroo) and I live happily ever after!!

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

  1. Lol, would you like to borrow my cat to distract the kangaroo from your prescence? It works with wallabies! Not bad for “on the fly” photos :).


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