Changing it up!

A new look and reworked tagline for the blog…’cause that’s how I feel 🙂

“Everyday things can be magical too”

Still in pursuit of those everyday things… ones that are so often overlooked.  Many times I miss the mark and sometimes I don’t even realise until later on that I’ve found the wow factor…but for me that’s what it’s all about and I really enjoy looking…and finding.

I’ve been going back through my images.. (it’s been raining…lots!).. ones I’ve taken over the past year or more.. and I came across this one.  A favourite of mine.

Butterfly resting

I saw this butterfly in our backyard (beginning 2012)… I chased followed it around taking lots of photos 😉

The dear fellow was very kind to me and I think he looked very tired but he was beautiful.. and I was so excited!!

Some of you might even remember me painting  this guy too.  His beautiful colours and rich velvety coat were magnificent.

I was and still am very taken with him 🙂

2 thoughts on “Changing it up!

    1. Glad you think the butterfly is beautiful too.
      It was fun to watch him… And I felt lucky to capture him with my camera.
      Good that you’re getting much needed rain… No not good for photos, although a different canvas to work with if we can.
      Have a great week Leanne! 🙂


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