Old Jalopy

I wandered up the paddock this afternoon with my small camera… to visit my cherry tree which is now almost bare.  I did take some pics of the cherry tree, but I’m yet to see if there’s anything ‘share worthy’.

While I was up there, I remembered “The Old Jalopy” and thought I’d revisit it… it’s been a couple of years…or more?

I love this old jalopy.  It’s really old and it’s like a 3D painting!!  The years have given it so much texture and colour… yes colour!!  Did I say I love it? I do!! 😀

Old Jalopy soft edge

Old Jalopy soft close

The sun was shining almost directly on the front of it while the back sat in dappled shade.

I also tried a setting on my camera called film grain in B & W… definitely not good quality but still fun 🙂

Jalopy Film GrainI’ll certainly be visiting again soon!

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