Bejewelled Dandelion 2

Back to visit ‘the dandelion’ this morning to see what mystery it had to show me today.  No fog but a heavy dew bejewelled this amazing little dandelion again with it’s precious heavy load.

Bejewelled Dandelion 2

Trialling a few different settings on my small camera today and there was still a light breeze. I’ll always be looking for more clarity, but I thought this was another beautiful sight.  Makes me think of weddings 🙂

8 thoughts on “Bejewelled Dandelion 2

    1. Thanks Leanne.. I was so excited 🙂
      BTW, I typed you a great long comment on your blog the other day, saying that I loved what you’re doing with the Portraiture etc… and then it disappeared… sigh!
      Keep at it! Love what you’re doing 😀


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