More little rays of sunshine…

Little Rays of Sunshine

This morning (and yesterday) I have been experimenting with camera lense filters… not something I’ve done before, except for a polarising filter… and I’ve only just begun to try them out!

I’ve decided it’s like Photoshop in a bag ( lense bag that is) 😉 Fun!!

My year of formal training (2011) didn’t include filters…we didn’t get that far and even though we were processing in the photo lab, we only touched on them briefly in discussion.

Sooo, I’m up for some experimentation 🙂

I revisited the little yellow pansy on my kitchen window sill today and I tried some images with yellow and green filters.  These are my results.

I like the Yellow filter the best.. and the mood it creates.  It’s just sunny and cheery! 🙂

6 thoughts on “More little rays of sunshine…

  1. The yellow filter looks very natural; the green one doesn’t, but it will probably work far better with a different subject. Such a perfect excuse to play/experiment! Have fun!


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