Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

On the way to town yesterday I was pondering what I might find for the weekly challenge and  I remembered something I had always wanted to photograph: “The beautiful old train bridge at Lithgow NSW AU” with it’s wonderful arches or for this week’s challenge… curves.

Train bridge_Colour

The timing was amazing… there was a coal train crossing the bridge as I stopped.  The engine had already passed, but I was thrilled to take the image with coal cars crossing the bridge.  I’ve never seen a train crossing this bridge before.

I love this wonderful old bridge… I’m going to do some research now, to see what I can find out about it’s history.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

  1. What a wonderful piece of history! You are lucky the lines are still there as many have been ripped up elsewhere. There is something quite majestic about these relics of the Victorian Industrial revolution, no matter how much of an environmental dinosaur they are, and they make wonderful subjects for photographs and art, particularly when a train crosses. I think trains appeal to the child in all of us that stands in awe of all that metal horsepower.


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