St Stanislaus Landscape

A few posts ago, I showed you the magnificent building, St Stanislaus.

Today I want to show you (still from the same vantage point), the landscape view of St Stanislaus and beyond.

Quite a view and quite a building!

St Stanislaus Landscape_sml

For this image, I’ve definitely been trying some effects.

I’ve also raised the saturation and contrast levels, giving it (I feel) a fine textured feel, without actually adding texture.  I’m happy with this result and the colours… I do love colour! The possibilities are seemingly quite endless 🙂

Here is the original image (below)…

St Stannies Original_sml

..and also a Black and White version, which is my favourite of all.  No distractions.  It seems to be all about the architecture, shapes and shadows..

St Stannies BW_sml

Even though the afternoon shadows were falling, it was still a very contrasty day.

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