Crystal Chaos – Thaw

I just love the way this image shows the ice melting to droplets and the way the ice and the droplets reflect the colour from the sky and it’s surrounds.  Look closely to see the landscape shown in the water drops 🙂

I love finding these little surprises 😀

Crystal Chaos - Thaw

17 thoughts on “Crystal Chaos – Thaw

  1. Robyn I’m loving all your winter macro shots…and the landscapes too. We don’t seem to be getting the cold up here this year, definitely not to the extent you’ve been photographing. But I’m finding this winter to be terribly depressing.


    1. I’m so glad D. Thanks 🙂 Im having such fun!
      We’re certainly getting some very cold days so far, but Im currently thinking its not the coldest winter we’ve had yet…. So far…
      Will email you xx


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